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One of the new games 2019!


One of the new games 2019!

Our equipment

Modern and easy to use

Black Light Paintball

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What can you expect?

Before we start playing, the players get a safety instruction by our trained marshalls.
This instruction clearly explains all the players about safety, handling the weapon and various games. 

Several game types including: 
  • Elimination Game
  • Capture the flag
  • Center Flag
  • Blow up the Bus  (2014)
  • Domination (2014)
  • Cayman Caravan (2015)
  • Waterworld (2015)
  • Operation Dropzone (2016)
  • Smoking Flags (2016)
  • House of Impact (2016)
  • Square Flags (2017)
  • Dike Farm President (2018)
  • Safe Takedown (2018)
  • Points (2019)
  • Palladium (2019)

Two teams fight each other in these different games where the goal is to disable the opponent with one hit (hit with paint spot). 

For bachelors we play an additional game on request. The bacherlor gets a nice costume and the rest of the own group has to hunt him. 

We play all these games, of course, under professional guidance.


Points 2019

Points 2019

Palladium 2019

Palladium 2019