Food packages

Food packages
Here you can find our different food packages. 

Dike Farm Regular BBQ 
Marinated collars-marinated chicken satay skewer, marinated barbecue sausage marinated pork belly and white cabbage salad with raisins, mixed salad and cucumber salad, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce garnished -pineapple/kerrysauce-baguette with herb butter. 

Price per person € 14,50  from 6 persons

Dike Farm Special BBQ 
Marinated beef steak - skewer with marinated pork / turkey / onion / pepper and mushroom - barbecue sausage -Marinated collars-marinated - mixed salad - patato salad - patato gratin - warm vegetables -  fine fruit salad - garlic sauce - bbq sauce - hot Stroganoff sauce  with garlic baguette. 

Price per person € 18,00  from 10 persons

Dike Farm Country Grill 
Marinated beef steak from the grill, spicy ribs, Mexican burger with fried onion / mushroom / pepper / corn-chicken in a spicy sauce and garnished Mexican yellow rice, potato rosti, pasta salad, mixed salad of white cabbage salad with kidnybeans -pineapple compote and garlic sauce, barbecue sauce garnished with herb-bread.

Price € 15.50 per person from 15 persons 

We can replace meats like pork or vegetarian products replaced with beef or chicken.

We can also meet further requirements